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If you are a single mother no one needs to tell you how difficult it is to make your finances stretch. Many single moms work two jobs just to meet their basic requirements to keep the bills paid and their children fed and clothed. Budgeting can be difficult especially when an emergency arises. However, there is help through financial assistance for single mothers, which can give you the tools you need to help each dollar go further.

The Single Parents Alliance of America or is an organization that is designed to help single mothers create a realistic budget and shows you how to stick to the budget. If you are a single mother, the website offers many resources, which can help to point you in the right direction since many mothers do not know what is available to them. Some of these resources and benefits include prescription discount cards, access to money-saving coupons, school grants to help with education, the best food choices, and various scholarships for mothers, just to name a few. also provides single mothers resources that show her how to bring more income into the household. Learning new job skills that employers want is one such way to increase the family’s income.

Government programs are in place to help with financial assistance for single mothers such as free lunch programs for your children, food stamps, and Medicaid. Your state may even provide childcare assistance since this is a huge expensive for single parents. Likewise, if you intend to continue your own education, you can find several programs that will help pay for your education.

While financial assistance for single mothers is not a new concept, many moms are just not aware of these programs and resources available to them. If you know someone that is a single mom and struggling, it is most helpful to educate her on the programs that will make life easier and less stressful. In order to qualify for, you must be a single parent and reside in the United States. Raising children is hard enough on your own, but adding financial stress can cause undo tension, which can be alleviated.

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